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  • Kenton E. Biffert

Go for the Big Christmas Tree

One of our favourite Christmas traditions is cutting down the Christmas tree. Here is a few step process of what and what not to do. :)

Step 1: Always measure the height in your house first. The tree always looks smaller than it actually is. Actually, every year we choose a tree that is too big!

Step 2: You need not use the whole tree. In this picture, we like the top 12ft and left the bottom where it was.

Step 3: Using a band saw, cut down the tree. Timberrrrr!!!

Step 4: Lay down beside your tree in the snow. This will help you gage the height you want. Note: this always turns out highly inaccurate, but I'm never organized enough to have a 12ft measuring rod with me.

Step 5: Carry the tree.

Step 6: Find a way to get the tree to your vehicle. Last year we had such a heavy tree and were so far into the bush, that we were all exhausted by the time we saw our van. This, year we upgraded our horsepower.

Step 7: Trim the tree. Now I always thought 'trimming the tree' was decorating it, but actually, it literally means trimming the tree. We usually have to trim a few branches, and cut off a couple feet from the top and bottom to make it fit the way we want.

Step 8: Secure the tree. It is pretty difficult to find a stand that will hold an 11ft tree upright. So, we end up securing it to the wall as well.

Finally, it is time to decorate!!

Another family adventure!

Merry Christmas!


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